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Mike Beneth posted a blog post
Guest blog post by Yuanjen ChenAs we've seen how in-place and in-memory work differently, today we are sharing more fundamentals of in-place computing model. This models was designed to solve "Big and Complex Data," - not just about size but more ab…
Feb 15, 2015
Mike Beneth posted a discussion
Guest forum post by Theodore OmtzigtExcept for the folks at Cray, most people are unaware of the unique requirements that set apart supercomputing infrastructure from cloud computing infrastructure. In its simplest form the difference is between lat…
Feb 13, 2015
Mike Beneth posted a blog post
Guest blog post by Jessica May

The computing power of SQL for mass structured data is complete, that is to say, it is impossible to find anything that SQL cannot compute. But its support layer is too low, which can lead to over-elaborate operation …
Feb 12, 2015

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